Dr Roberto Girelli


Dr Roberto Girelli

Dr. Roberto Girelli attended medical school at the University of Verona and obtained the MD degree in 1983. Since 1985, he has been dealing with pancreatic surgery and he completed his surgical training at the Pancreatic Surgery Center directed by Prof. Paolo Pederzoli in Verona. He is the founder of the Biliopancreatic Surgery Unit at the P. Pederzoli Hospital in Peschiera del Garda (Verona) and he was the chief of the Unit from 2007 to 2015. Currently, he is the head of the “Center for Complementary Therapy in pancreatic cancer” at the Pederzoli Hospital.

His practice is focused on Pancreatic Surgical Oncology and his research has been mainly delving into pancreatic cancer focusing on the ablative treatment in unresectable disease.

From 2007 to 2016, he was the head of the experimental project on the application of radiofrequency ablation in locally advanced pancreatic cancer and the principal investigator of the “Prospective randomized trial on the RFA upfront in stage III pancreatic cancer vs chemoradiotherapy” carried out in collaboration with the Department of Surgical Sciences of the University of Verona.

Roberto Girelli has also authored numerous papers on the ablative treatment in pancreatic cancer. Moreover, he is member of several surgical societies including IHPBA-E-AHPBA, SIC, SICOP, ACOI, AISP, ESSO, and member of the board of Italian Society of Surgical Oncology (SICO) and member of the Board of FIMP (Italian Foundation for Pancreatic Disease Research)

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